March 29, 2015


1613860_699603876772644_6262514974373798048_nABSENCES:  If a student is absent from class, the student should make up the missed class by attending another class.  No refunds or reductions will be given for class absence.  Please check with the teacher to confirm the appropriate make-up class.  Class tardiness is frowned upon for the ballet class, for many reasons, so please be punctual.

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE:  Students should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before scheduled classes.  All students should be picked up on time.  NO student is allowed to be outside the building (this means the front porch also) without a parent or supervising adult. Safety is of utmost importance.  Please remind your child NOT to wait for you on the porch or grounds.

WITHDRAWAL:  If for any reason you wish to withdraw from enrollment at Fellom Ballet, you MUST WRITE A NOTE/LETTER/E-MAIL TO THE BUSINESS DIRECTOR, MICHELLE BATES.  Otherwise, you will be charged for tuitions and fees for the entire year.

Holiday Closures

10268621_699603806772651_2780602575714868760_nWe do NOT follow the Tangipahoa Parish Public School Holiday Calendar; however, many of the holidays are the same.