March 29, 2015

Performance Fees

10348524_699603863439312_6969866532538325043_nThis spring we will present Rapunzel (a fairy tale ballet). The performance date is tentatively set for Friday, May 15, 2015 at the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts.Tickets to the performance may be purchased through the theatre in April.

TWO (2) PERFORMANCE FEES (ALL students performing in May production):

1.  COSTUME FEE (included in monthly payment) for all students performing in May ballet production  (Includes costume, embellishments, headpiece, and other needs as appropriate. DOES NOT include size alterations.)

Creative Ballet students = $125   Ballet 1 students = $125     Ballet 2 students = $150

Ballet  3 students = $175   Ballet 4 students = $200

2.  RECITAL FEE (included in monthly payment) for ALL students performing in May ballet production  (Includes DVD of production, financial responsibilities of production, including theatre rental and other theatre requirements, personnel, backdrop, stage design, properties, backstage requirements, and other theatre requirements.)

10296555_699604240105941_7427475446220155128_nRecital Fee = $141 per student

If your child is not going to be in the end of the year performance, E-mail the Business Director, Maggie Rownd by November 2.  Students not performing in this production may continue to be enrolled in classes through January.

Review the required tuition and fees listed above.  Please note that Fellom Ballet does NOT solicit advertisements for programs or ask for ANY additional money during the 9-month school year; HOWEVER, if you choose, you may purchase the following: solo and group photographs, flowers, & other performance opportunities, etc.