Fellom Ballet to Present Rapunzel in Sold-Out Performances

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“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair”

[HAMMOND, La.]—Fellom Ballet will culminate their 50th year of performing arts education with presentations of “Rapunzel” Friday, May 15 at the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts.
Both an evening performance and educational outreach matinee for school children are sold out.
Adapted by Martie Fellom, the children’s fairy tale ballet features the works of several composers, including Leo Delibes, Ferdinand Hérold, Sergei Rachmaninov and Camille Saint-Saens. Choreographers include Cynthia Fellom Tricou, Martie Fellom, Claire Draper, Holly Heil, Emily Randon, Maggie Rownd and Desiree Wardsworth. Artie Fellom Gautier and her sisters serve as artistic directors, and the ballet is narrated by Avril Font.
Principle dancers are: Brianne Nix as Rapunzel, Katherine Schepker as Gothel and Elizabeth Orgeron as Young Rapunzel.
The cast of nearly 130 dancers also features:
·        Queen’s Pages Victoria Aleman, Eliza Kate Cowser, Natalie Fulks, Bailey Harper, Caden Knight, Rachel Lobue and Sophie Juin Meaux.
·        Bluebirds Kinley Campbell, Caragen Catlin, Addisyn Cunningham, Emma DeJean, Sarah Dosch, Lily Frederick, Ella Hornbuckle, Olivia Jump, Brigid O’Neill, Madilyn Rocquin, Kadie Jane Steib, Kaitlyn Stover, Emma Sumrall, Kelsey Tricou and Quinn Turner.
·        Fairies of the Morning Esther Kate Chance, Brooke Dunn, Madison Duplessis, Alex Ferrand, Madeline Frederick, Elise Harper, Penny Rose Lentini, Gracie Magee, Olivia Magee, Brooklynn Miller, Grace O’Neill, Ella Joy Pearce, Annaleigh Rawle, Abigail Richardson and Payten Silewicz.
·        Fairies of the Evening  Morgan Adams, Candice Alford, Lily Anderson, Anna Bravata, Madeline Director, Gemma Drude, Rowyn Fletcher, Molly Graff, Annelise Lemoine, Ryann Lindsey, Lily Grace Rolling, Ashlyn Shuman, Payton Shuman, Kamille Stanley and Audrey Titus.
·        Gothel’s Gremlins  Emily Chalona, Emma Dare Chance, Claire Chauvin, Isabella Delpidio, Kendall Duncan, Averyl Fisher, Lola Fletcher, Marianna Fulks, Sienna Guillot, Adelyn Lemoine, Isabella Massa, Emily Monistere, Lexie Bella Moskau, Aly O’Flynn, Katherine Thompson, Emily Villars, Ashlyn Walker and Hailey White.
·        Gothel’s Gnomes Riley Bankovic, Noelie Binner, Theresa Blanchard, MaggieFrances Broadwater, Ali Foster, Anna Foster, Kate Kenderson, Addyson Karmeisool, Peyton McShan, Emma Nicaud, Malyn Rolling, Jean Treas and Harlee Watts.
·        Fairies of the Floating Lights Shannen Alack, Carli Anderson, Kate Bornkessel, Tana Grace Cashio, Eliot Chance, Amelie Dupuy, Claire Folks, Emma Hood, Anna Grace Hornbuckle, Grace Labbe, Amelie Lemoine, Katelyn Meyers, Abigail Mitchell, Claire O’Neill, Izzy Parker, Mia Piazza, Skyla Stanley, Sarah Stegall, Abigail Thompson and Julia White.
·        Queen’s Attendants Ivey Alford, Caroline Casey, Abby Harper, Fiona Hawkins, Claire Krousel, Juliette LeRay, Siri Lopinto, Shelby Matthews, Emma Miranda, Katie Miranda, Josie Parker and Lyndsi Pierre.
·        King’s Squire Vibriyogn Epuri.
·        Rapunzel’s Songbird Friends Katie Amos (Hummingbird), Abby Johnson (Dove), Olivia Lowentritt (Cardinal), Abby Russell (Peacock) and Kaitlyn Tribou (Bluebird).
·        Gothel’s Ginions Alexandra Crovetto, Alana Knight, Emily Montelepre and Hannah Tribou.
·        Rapunzel’s Sisters Gabi Alford, Taylor Gautreaux, Sarah Nepveux, Hayley Novak and Elizabeth Zaffuto.
Guest performers are: John Forrest Duplantier as the Prince, Mick Hawkins as the King, and dancer’s siblings Mac Anderson, Abe Chance, Jake Chance, Tyler Labbe, Hayes Fisher and Jack Meyers as the King’s Pages.
Special characters include: Michelle Bates as the Queen; Claire Draper as Luna; Holly Heil as Keeper of the Rapunzel Herb and Soleil; Emily Randon as the Gnome Guardian; Maggie Rownd as the Gremlin Guardian; and Cynthia Fellom Tricou as the Bluebird of Happiness. In addition, Fellom family members, alumni and friends will perform as Fairies of the Kingdom in the finale of the ballet.
Fellom Ballet’s story of Rapunzel is told in a prologue and three acts with a 1-hour running time.. The story centers around a king and queen and their infant daughter, whose life is saved at birth by a magical herb. The princess is named Rapunzel after the miraculous, lifesaving herb that her father, the king, stole from the garden of the evil and much-feared ogress, Gothel, who values power and beauty above all. As punishment for the king’s thievery, Gothel entraps the young princess in a tower in the woods. Years later, a prince exploring the woods discovers Rapunzel in her tower by following the sound of her beautiful song. Entranced, he watches as Gothel calls upon the princess to let down her hair and then climbs it to enter the tower. The Prince’s discovery of Rapunzel sparks a classic struggle between darkness and light as they seek their “happily ever after.”
To register dancers for upcoming summer programs or the 2015-2016 studio schedule and cast of “The Firebird,” call Business Director Maggie Rownd at (985) 351-8518.
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