Fellom Ballet Presents The Firebird May 13-14

Fellom Ballet will present Russian composer Igor Stravinsky’s “The Firebird” Friday, May 13 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, May 14 at 2 p.m. at the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts in Hammond, Louisiana.

Ticket prices range from $17 to $23 and can be purchased by visiting or calling the Columbia Theatre Box Office at (985) 543-4371 between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays, as well as 1 hour prior to each performance. Tickets also may be purchased online at www.columbiatheatre.org.

In support of arts in education, a school performance also will be staged May 13 at 9:30 a.m. Reservations are still being accepted from area schools for the May 13 performance at 9:30 a.m. Interested schools should call the Columbia Theatre at (985) 543-4366 or visit www.columbiatheatre.org for more information on its education outreach program.

Fellom Ballet’s story of The Firebird is told in a prologue and three acts with a 1-hour running time as adapted for children’s ballet by Martie Fellom. The story unfolds as Prince Ivan, while hunting in the forest, strays into the garden of Kashchei, whose evil cannot be destroyed unless her soul, which she keeps hidden in a great chest, is found. That’s when Ivan spots the Firebird, an enchanted creature with feathers the color of fiery flames feasting on golden apples in Kashchei’s garden. He captures the Firebird, whose magic can be used only for good. The Firebird begs Ivan to release her, which he does because he has a kind heart. As a token of thanks, she offers him an enchanted feather that he can use to summon her should he ever need help.

During his time in the garden, Prince Ivan sees a group of princesses who are held captive by Kashchei and falls instantly in love with one of them, Princess Isadora. He vows to rescue Isadora and the other princesses by confronting Kashchei face to face. Just as Kashchei is about to turn Ivan to stone, he summons the Firebird. She intervenes, telling Ivan where to find Kashchei’s soul and to return with it. The Firebird rescues everyone imprisoned in the palace and frees Kashchei from her evil heart. Good triumphing over the wicked is celebrated by all in the land.

Principal dancers are: Sarah Nepveux as Princess Isadora, Brianne Nix as Kashchei and Hayley Novak as the Firebird. Guest performer Jeremy Lloyd will portray Prince Ivan, and instructor Faith Allen will dance the role of Kashchei’s Soul.

The cast of more than 100 young dancers also features:
· Forest Fairies Abbey Alford, Lanie Babin, Emma Bravata, Adia Fisher, Edi Foster, Natalie Fulks, Genevieve Guillot, Bailey Harper, Lochlynn McNamara, Brigid O’Neill, Katelyn Renee Perk, Penny Richardson and Kelsey Tricou.

· Golden Apple Fairies Morgan Adams, Victoria Aleman, Lily Anderson, Kyndal Bankston, Caragen Catlin, Esther Kate Chance, Eliza Kate Cowser, Addisyn Cunningham, Aubrey Dearie, Emma DeJean, Gemma Drude, Brooke Dunn, Madison Duplessis, Ellie Fernandez, Lily Frederick, Vivian Gilbreath, Francesca Hanna, Lyla Henderson, Caden Knight, Annelise Lemoine, Rachel Lobue, Ella Joy Pearce, Abby Richardson, Lily Grace Rolling, Violet Sandifer, Payton Shuman, Kaitlynn Stover, Quinn Turner and Ryleigh Vutera.

· Palace Guards Emily Chalona, Kendall Duncan, Averyl Fisher, Madeline Frederick, Amaiyah Griffin, Elise Harper, Kate Henderson, Tyler Labbe, Ryann Lindsey, Gracie Magee, Olivia Magee, Aly O’Flynn, Annaleigh Rawle, Isabelle Rawle, Ashlynn Shuman, Kamille Stanley and Katherine Thompson.

· Lavender Mist Flowers Katherine Adams, Addyson Karmeisool, Penny Rose Lentini and Grace O’Neill.

· Windflowers Anna Bravata, Molly Graff and Annabelle Owen.

· Dahlias Candice Alford, Rowyn Fletcher and Brooklynn Surcouf.

· Puppets Carli Anderson, Amanda Babin, Kate Bornkessel, Emma Dare Chance, Claire Chauvin, Isabella Delpidio, Amelie Dupuy, Lola Fletcher, Marianna Fulks, Sienna Guillot, Emma Hood, Anna Grace Hornbuckle, Carly Jones, Kelsey Jones, Grace Labbe, Adelyn Lemoine, Peyton McShan, Katelyn Meyers, Halia Norred, Mia Piazza, Jean Treas, Emily Villars, Harlee Watts.

· Kashchei’s Thrall members Ivey Alford, RoseKathron Broadwater, Caroline Casey, Eliot Chance, Claire Folks, Sophia Hanna, Abby Harper, Amelie Lemoine, Juliette LeRay, Siri Lopinto, Shelby Matthews, Emma Miranda, Katie Miranda, Claire O’Neill, Josie Parker, Skyla Stanley, Sarah Stegall, Abigail Thompson and Julia White.

· Princesses Gabi Alford, Katie Amos, Taylor Gautreaux, Abby Johnson, Alana Knight, Emily Montelepre, Abby Russell, Katherine Schepker, Hannah Tribou, Kaitlyn Tribou, and Lizzie Zaffuto.

· Watchman Vibriyogn Epuri.

Choreographers include Faith Allen, Kelly Domiano, Claire Draper, Emily Randon, Maggie Rownd, Erica Tricou and Cynthia Fellom Tricou. Artie Fellom Gautier, Cynthia Fellom Tricou, Martie Fellom and Maggie Rownd serve as artistic directors, and narrator is Avril Font.

To register dancers for upcoming summer programs or the 2016-2017 studio schedule and cast of “The Frog Prince,” visit www.fellomballet.com or call Fellom Ballet at (985) 974-3996.