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Violet Sandifer will dance the role of Clara with Olivia Lowentritt as the Sugar Plum Fairy and Dawson Gildig as the Nutcracker Prince in Fellom Ballet’s 11th Annual Traveling Nutcracker Nov. 30-Dec. 1. Sandifer attends Southeastern Louisiana University Laboratory School, Lowentritt attends Archbishop Hannan High School and Gildig is a student at Southeastern Louisiana University.


10 Reasons to Study Dance at Fellom Ballet

1. Develop an appreciation for the art of ballet and the joy of movement.

2. Improve posture and body alignment.

3. Strengthen the body – improve health: cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and body composition.

4. Develop gracefulness and poise (co-ordination, balance, and control).

5. Develop inner beauty (also memory, mental and visual sharpness).

6. Develop discipline, self-control, and personal etiquette, and respect for others.

7. Strengthen & improve other dance forms.

8. Interact with and support an appreciation of related arts: music, storytelling-literature, visual arts, and drama.

9. Improve agility in sports.

10. BALLET is a GREAT form of exercise! It’s also great fun!